Choking Back the Devil by Donna Lynch (Book Review)

Thanks to Donna Lynch and Raw Dog Screaming Press for providing me with an ARC of Choking Back the Devil and to the publicist, Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi, for adding me to the reviewers’ list for this book.

Horror poetry? Yes, horror poetry. It’s one of my favorite things.

Coming in at just under one hundred pages, this book packs quite a punch. It’s filled with ghosts and curses, witches and legends, panic and fear, demons and monsters. And pain.

I sat and devoured this book, likely in record time. I couldn’t help myself. It pulled me in, dug in its claws, showed me its razor-sharp fangs, and we feasted together.


Donna Lynch has beautifully crafted these dark poems. They are horrifying yet beautiful. They ring true. They make me feel…they make me feel alive, spark a fire deep down inside me that sometimes is nearly extinguished. As dark and wicked as they are, they calm me, let me know I’m not alone, and bring me back to life.

Two lines from the poem, “Legend” specifically spoke to me.
“Because those painful things aren’t pieces of you they’ve taken
They are gifts given.”

Sometimes we need that small reminder.

I will cherish this book forever. When I feel anxious or sad, I’m going to pull this book off the shelf and read it again.


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